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Henningson Black Level – The Excellence Company

The Pentagon Group is proud to present one of its business partner in the field of Luxury Broking: Henningson Black Level – The Excellence Company
Henningson Black Level concentrates on everything upscale that is about Sales, Finance & Investments, Excellence, Luxury and cutting-edge products, services and technology.
Through its HBL Collaborator Network, we can offer you multiple choices of investment possibilities globally. HBL can offer you Investments in Properties, Hotels, Real Estate, Yachts, Jets, Cars, Luxury Experiences, etc. HBL main goal is to bring prosperity to its clients! HBL helps both sellers and buyers.
Change is the only constant in today’s world. The current business environment calls for ever greater knowledge, flexibility and also rapid deployment of skilled individuals who can manage business transformation effectively. This is why HBL provides companies with solutions to boost Excellence and Success.
HBL also helps companies with their International sales challenges. We operate globally, and this gives the companies the opportunity to add more markets to their internationalization strategy!
With a partnership with Jetflite, HBL offers Private Jet Management, Management, Acquisitions and Chartering. Jetflite has been managing aircraft for over 10 years for several different aircraft owners.
Together with the Pentagon Group, HBL is marketing a special and a unique investment management solution to offer in this global context negative interest rates. Negative rates are a huge transfer of wealth from savers and real wages to the government and the indebted. A tax on caution. The destruction of the perception of risk that always benefits the most reckless. The bailout of the inefficient. Via The Pentagon Group from Luxembourg, we have the solution! We think we do have a differentiated offer: Pentagon Income Capital - PIC. We would be pleased to contribute to your capital safety and growth.


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